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I told you so!
23rd-Aug-2010 04:37 pm - ANTARCTIC DRIVE-IN THEATRE:

Where do you go to see a movie in Antarctica? The drive-in theatre, of course. Michael Zupanc reports from Australia's Davis Station on the Antarctic coast: "We made our own drive-in theatre by clearing some snow off the sea ice and using a nearby cliff as the movie screen." On August 7th there was a double feature--the Blues Brothers and the aurora australis:

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22nd-Aug-2010 10:30 pm - Election 2010
"The people of Australia have spoken... and they said... meh"

20th-Aug-2010 10:45 pm - Art and Inspiration.
good morning starshine
Got some painting done today, which always happies me, but I was doubly exicted when the inspiriation for said painting came and sat outside the window!artz in progressCollapse )

A "psychic" crocodile named Harry Thursday tipped Prime Minister Julia Gillard to win the razor-tight Australian election, siding with pollsters and bookmakers -- and an octopus called Cassandra. 

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15th-Aug-2010 07:54 pm - Weather for ducks!

Had a rather luscious downpour this afternoon, which made Peepers and Zazu VERY happy. They kept running through the overflow from the gutter! Just like kids used to run through sprinklers in the 'old days' (before water restrictions made them a fond memory!)

I have to link to this post by [info]blamebrampton  cos it is freaking AWESOME and MADE of WIN, and a MUST READ for all Aussies!  (helps if you're a Harry Potter fan, but not an absolute requirement.)
14th-Aug-2010 09:32 am - August sketchfest
good morning starshine
Sketchfest YAY!

Prompt # 1 - Lady of the Light 

Prompt # 2 - End of Summer

Prompt # 3 - Unicorn Sonata

Didn't get as many done as I'd hoped, and was falling asleep during the unicorn sketch! Just too many demands on my time at home!  But I was thrilled with what I did achieve and will definitely participate again! 
7th-Aug-2010 07:37 pm - Luna bathing in...
Daughter's hands!

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17th-Jul-2010 08:15 am - sketchfest
good morning starshine
Am participating in the Sketchfest again! YAY!  :~D

#1 promt - "owl"

Bookbook owl with centipede.

#2 promt - the selkie and the mermaid

#3 promt (cos I couldn't resist!) - dumbledores dingoclicky for artzCollapse )

I'm quite sure Dumbledore did a stint in the outback in his younger days. There's too much magic in Australia for him not to! ;~)

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16th-Jul-2010 01:51 pm - Birds watching the sunset last night.
Owl totem


ETA: not MY birds; outside birds.  ;~P
8th-Jul-2010 01:13 pm - The Dragonfly Glass.
good morning starshine
A result of the prompt from the June EMG sketchfest - "Gothic Lolita Fairy."  :~D

a gothic lolita fairy!Collapse )
4th-Jun-2010 10:12 pm - Emmy loves Ben.
After shrieking at him for almost a year now, out of the blue, Ember has decided that Ben is no longer a threat. :)
♥ ♥ ♥
Also a little bit of Evie and Lilly the Quakers.

Evie cartoon
...who was beautifully handreared before his new family bought him from the breeder (for a lot of money!) and they named him, Sam.

They must have liked him and wanted him, but not understood the ways of parrots.  When he bit their child, they stopped getting him out of his cage.  His screams of frustration and loneliness saw him renamed, SammyShithead, moved out of the family house and relegated to the garage, where he was given food (seed only) and/or water when somebody thought of it. A sad way to spend the first year of Life.

When angelicvampyre rescued him, there was no food or water in his cage, (which was no more than a cat/dog carry cage, No perches, no toys.) and the owners couldn't remember when he'd last been fed.  Severely malnourished, the avian vet did not have high hopes for his survival, and one of the tests showed that the poor little parrot had Psittacosis.

what happened next?Collapse )
Luna winter

Whether you know it or not, you'll probably be eating soya today. It's in 60% of all processed food, from cheese to ice cream, baby formula to biscuits. But should it carry a health warning? Felicity Lawrence investigates For Dr Mike Fitzpatrick, the saga of soya began in Monty Python-style with a dead parrot. His investigations into the ubiquitous bean started in 1991 when Richard James, a multimillionaire American lawyer, turned up at the laboratory in New Zealand where Fitzpatrick was working as a consultant toxicologist. James was sure that soya beans were killing his rare birds.

"We thought he was mad, but he had a lot of money and wanted us to find out what was going on," Fitzpatrick recalls.

Should we worry about soya in our food?

Whether you know it or not, you'll probably be eating soya today. It's in 60% of all processed food, from cheese to ice cream, baby formula to biscuits. But should it carry a health warning? Felicity Lawrence investigates

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5th-May-2010 03:30 pm - meteor shower

The eta Aquarid
Meteor Shower

Global Notes: This shower can be seen from both hemispheres, but south is favored with twice as many meteors.


cut for your comfort, but there's a really cute koala cartoon under here!Collapse )
4th-May-2010 12:47 am - Star Wars Day!
Owl totem
May the 4th be with You!!

1st-Mar-2010 01:45 pm - Yay! Autumn!!
burnt flag 2009
Yesterday, being the last day of Feb and a lovely cool day to boot, I found myself breathing a big sigh of relief for the passing of the fire season. And what happened? A grass fire on the next hill!! (3minute walk?) So my kids ran down to watch, and the main road was closed and there were fire trucks... *flails* It was like a smiting, I swear! Just as I thought, 'yay, fire-danger is over for this season'...BOOM! There it was. O.o

The firies had it under control quickly, but...yeah.

Yay Autumn!
25th-Feb-2010 08:12 pm - Utterly fantastic!
Underwater art

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