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I told you so!
Towel Ron! 
18th-Oct-2005 05:10 pm
Owl totem
Gift art for belovedranger who's having surgery on Thursday. Hope this makes you feel a bit better!! ;~)

Rating wise I'm gonna label this NOT WORK SAFE! just in case. But all my kids have seen it and found it amusing so...

It's from her story Quite Easily Undone; the scene where Ron drops his towel for the Daily Prophet photographer. Heh. And I decided it would be kind of cool to animate Towel Ron...

18th-Oct-2005 01:52 am (UTC)
Just a question? Did you create this sex god to help belovedranger with her surgery - or did you want us to join her in the hospital? 'Cause I have to go to the emergency room now to ask for a proper cardiac massage. But this animation is worth my trouble :)
You're my art goddess ;)
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