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Ron and Draco art

Remember the sketches I drew at 5am on my first night at the beach? Well here are the finished paintings...

Both of these were done for the Wizard Cards at MuggleNet Interactive. Normally I would not be posting them online but, as you might have guessed, I've cropped them quite dramatically here (both pics have portrait orientation,) plus I have also made additions to both images in Photoshop for the cards themselves, so what you see here is not what the finished cards look like. Nevertheless, this way you can see the faces nicely.
Both paintings were rendered with Copic Markers, pastels and gouache on quality, smooth Watercolour paper, and both are for sale.
Each painting has been properly mounted for framing already - Ron has a maroon mount, Draco's is bottle-green. The art is 10"x8", with the mount 11"x14".

Please email me leelastarsky [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in buying one. :~)

EDIT: Ron is sold! Thankyou belovedranger!! I will put him in the post tomorrow! :~D

Tags: art, hp
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