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I told you so!
the Boy Who Lived WIP 7 
29th-Aug-2005 04:26 pm
Owl totem
ALMOST almost finished!! Only one more session to go and I'm pretty sure it'll be all done! YAY!

Today was spent adding the patterns to their cloaks, as you can see, and I put their glasses on!

And that poor baby's forehead...! :~( It felt quite tragic marring it with that awful scar. Hard to see it properly in these photos, but I can assure you it's there. (check out the previous closeups and compare; you can see that Harry's formerly perfect brow is now no longer perfect.) And I had to make it look like a fresh wound too. Poor wee mannie. :~(

Now I'll leave it for a couple of days - to dry, and decide what's left to be done. Dumbledore's hair will have some work added to it, but we'll see what else needs doing when I've had time to look at it with fresh eyes. :~)

Nevertheless, it is almost finished!!
5th-Sep-2005 08:53 am (UTC)
Wow! Thanks so much for linking to your WIP's. I love the final result and I love seeing how it all came about.
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