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I told you so!
the Boy Who Lived WIP 6 
28th-Aug-2005 01:15 am
Owl totem
I managed to squeeze in a couple more sessions on the Boy Who Lived painting between working on various artworks, so here's a couple more pics for the Boy Who Lived WIP 6...

Last post I had the skin well developed, but had put more colour into the fabric of their robes. The next stage was spent working detail into their robes, subtly yellow-toned highlights onto their skin and right side, and blue-toned highlights onto the left-hand side of the figures.

And pretty much more of the same. Though you can hopefully see the difference - probably most noticable on Dumbledore's hat and robe. Mostly purple-toned glazes and highlights. Harry's blanket is finally starting to look like it's actually wrapped around him, and McGonagall's hand is pretty much finished.

A closeup so you can see the details in their faces a little better.

Next up I'll be adding subtle patterns to their robes and (if I feel brave enough!) putting their glasses on. :~)

27th-Aug-2005 08:20 pm (UTC)
Argh! I'm so horribly slack! Sorry. I really do need to pull my finger out and upload the rest of my SW fic to my site. (not to mention putting the illos up with them!) I've been having formatting issues with one and end up just walking away from it out of frustration, and then don't think about it for another month or two. :~P

I'm pretty sure Family Matters is up at the Corellian Embassy... *looks for link...* Here - http://www.ltljverse.com/embassy/ :~)

27th-Aug-2005 10:33 pm (UTC)
YAY! Thank you!
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