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I told you so!
the Boy Who Lived WIP 6 
28th-Aug-2005 01:15 am
Owl totem
I managed to squeeze in a couple more sessions on the Boy Who Lived painting between working on various artworks, so here's a couple more pics for the Boy Who Lived WIP 6...

Last post I had the skin well developed, but had put more colour into the fabric of their robes. The next stage was spent working detail into their robes, subtly yellow-toned highlights onto their skin and right side, and blue-toned highlights onto the left-hand side of the figures.

And pretty much more of the same. Though you can hopefully see the difference - probably most noticable on Dumbledore's hat and robe. Mostly purple-toned glazes and highlights. Harry's blanket is finally starting to look like it's actually wrapped around him, and McGonagall's hand is pretty much finished.

A closeup so you can see the details in their faces a little better.

Next up I'll be adding subtle patterns to their robes and (if I feel brave enough!) putting their glasses on. :~)

27th-Aug-2005 03:30 pm (UTC)
It´s beautifull!I love how you drawing their faces and colours you chose.
I will visit your LJ soon for can see it done :)
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