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the Snogwarts Holiday Special!

Just after it came out, I posted my thoughts on HBP . Now, while I'm waiting for paint to dry, here are

Having re-read the book since my last post about it... my thoughts on HBP part 2...

When I first read Ch2, my gut reaction was 'Ron was right! Snape IS evil! He was making Voldemort's path into Harry's head easier via Occlumency in book 5!' And then of course Snape killing Dumbledore... Remember my list of things that might happen in this book that I posted just before it came out? And the one thing I hoped wouldn't, was that Dumbledore would pull an ObiWan Kenobi. Well, I was pretty sure he would in as far as he would die, but I was hoping he'd skip on the manipulative shit. No such luck. :~P And, interestingly (and probably in hindsight) the one thing that makes me think that Snape might not be totally evil is the completely ObiWan Kenobi way Dumbledore made Harry watch on helplessly as Snape killed him, thereby cementing in no uncertain terms Harry's total hatred of Snape. Why do these mentors have to be so bloody manipulative?? Not wanting to belittle the scene at all; I was totally gobsmacked by it and thought it was brilliant. Did not see Snape killing Dumbledore coming at all. And, immediately afterwards, was certain Snape was EVIL. Having had time to think on it a bit and read others' feelings on it... I think maybe not.

Yet, I do think he was helping Voldemort during Harry's Occlumency lessons in book 5. He made a show of trying to teach Harry, but gave the poor kid no real instruction whatsoever. Just wham into his mind, leaving Harry to catch on by defensive instinct.

I think Tom Riddle's trophy (for services to the school) is a Horcrux.

Did anyone else notice Snape's throwaway line about Crabbe and Goyle retaking their OWLS? Heh.

Luna and Draco were two of my favourite characters this time round.

And now, on to the Shippy stuff! Or, as I so eloquently saw it described in a disgruntled (irrevocably pissed off) H/Hr's journal, Snogwarts! (actually, she went on later to actually call it the Snogwarts Holiday Special which, as you can imagine, I found so fucking hilarious I had to repeat it!)

Keeping with the SW theme, I have to admit, I'm starting to come to the conclusion that Order of the Phoenix will be the Empire Strikes Back of Harry Potter. It is the darkest and most adult of the series and, in hindsight, I suspect will be considered the best of the series. For me personally, going from something so richly angsty and dark to a book that is so much lighter and, dare I say, childish? Yeah, ESB and ROTJ. Then again, I wasn't deeply disappointed by this book like I was with ROTJ.

From the minute Ron took up with Lavender, and he and Hermione set off on their 'making each other jealous' tangent, I knew we would be looking at a near death experience *cough*carbonitechamber*cough* for Ron that would snap them both out of it. ;~) So I wasn't surprised by that.

Harry reminded me a lot of Clark in Smallville. He was a lot more mature and really, really likable. I would have liked to see a little more of his journey from OotP Harry to HBP Harry, and I really wish we'd seen some sort of memorial for Sirius. Something that would close that chapter for Harry. It just seemed like it was left hanging and unresolved to me. On the subject of H/G, I do wish there'd been a little more one-to-one between them before the kissing. I would have liked to see Harry get to know her, and thereby have us get to know her. I certainly would have liked to see some discussion between them about the diary and posession and how it affected her. It could have added rather brilliantly to Harry learning about 'young Voldemort.' I'm quite happy with H/G as a couple, I just wish we'd got to know why he fell in love with her. To be reassured that he loved her personality rather than the monster in his pants - sorry, chest ;~P - simply fancying her physical attributes (the way she smelled, her long red hair etc) And the Spiderman-style 'duty' breakup at the end...hmmm, not surprising I guess, though I was surprised that Ginny took it so mildly. The rest of the book gave me the impression that her character would stand up to Harry and say 'no fucking way!'
And I really had to laugh over the line where he was trying to choose 'Ron? Or Ginny?' Hahahaha! Ah, fannon, how I love thee! :~D

Ok, back to the paints...

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