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I told you so!
Woollongong Warriors 
21st-Aug-2005 09:47 pm
Owl totem
Now that the Quidditch Calendar is all out and about...

I did the Woollongong Warriors for December, deciding that it was about time the Southern Hemisphere had something summery to look at for the Xmas month; instead of the usual snowy scene. ;~)

And what could be more Aussie than surf and sunshine?

a couple of close-ups...

Hubby suggested I put the shadow of a shark in the wave, but I thought that would just confuse things. Heh. And, in case you were wondering, that's the Southern Cross on their shirts. :~D

21st-Aug-2005 06:10 am (UTC)
OMG...this is so effing amazing! I can't stop staring at it. My husband is Hawaiian and a big surfing buff. He's even carrying on about it. This idea is unbelievably original! The water...look at the water...it's beautiful...so real and beautiful. Quidditch players in an earthy paradise...I will squee about this one for some time to come!
21st-Aug-2005 06:10 pm (UTC)
SO glad you like it!! :~D
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