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I told you so!
Art ratings? 
17th-Aug-2005 07:15 pm
Owl totem
A question - particularly for my fellow artists, but I'm interested to hear everybody's opinion.

The ratings that are gernerally ascribed to fanfiction - G through to NC17 - do you think the same standards should apply to art? Or should they be higher because it is a visual medium?

I ask because the picture in my icon - the full version of which you can see here - Passionate Ron/Hermione, was just labelled NC17 in a forum and, I'm sorry, but I would never have classed that pic NC17. Yes, it's suggestive, but that's it. There is no cock to be seen, no sexual act in progress, not even a breast.

Personally, I'd have rated it M (15+), just to be on the safe side. Am I too liberal? I mean, my kids have all seen this, and they range in age from 15 down to just-turned-9. They weren't horrified or traumatised by it. And, to counterpoint, none of them have seen the 'quickie' slash drawing I did for shocolate the other day, because I know that would squick them, and that one I do regard as NC17.

So what's the consensus? Would you rate this painting NC17?

And, out of interest, what would you rate this one while we're at it?
17th-Aug-2005 06:23 am (UTC) - *agah* Now Posted on the right entry
I rate fics and pics all the time as a mod on a HP site (granted not R/H). I would only have given it an R rating.

Reasons why R:

1) Suggestive positions of Ron's hands especially the right one. In another 10 seconds we all know where it's going to land.

2) The intensely passionate emotional overtones of the piece.

Reasons why not NC-17:

1) No exposed genetalia

2) Ron's hand is aiming at Hermione's crotch but it isn't there yet.

3) It seems to be consentual, non kinky foreplay of two people who are of age. In other words, tab A has not yet found slot B!(But if Ron is worth his salt it will in about 15 minutes)

The pic you did awhile back of the seasons of love with Arthur and Molly I think (from memory) would barely cross the line between R and Nc-17.
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