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more of the Boy Who Lived oil painting WIP5

It's probably starting to bore the socks off everyone, but you can see what long and tedious process painting with oils is.

Added highlights to the faces and hands, to make sure I'm headed in the right direction. I didn't like how flat and lifeless their robes were looking, so I went over them with some thick paint - to give them more richness of colour.

Another day drying and then working more depth into the robes, and more highlights on the skin.

And a close up - McGonagall was looking a bit like the undead, but she's improved a bit thank goodness. My favourite part at the moment is Dumbledore's hand. ;~P

Whenever I paint, whether it be with traditional media or CG, I always reach a point in the painting where I hate it. I was fascinated that it didn't seem to be happening this time - that I was thoroughly enjoying the painting too much. Heh. Well, I hit that point today, so that was reassuring. For me, every painting is like climbing a mountain - a slow, tedious chipping away - and, just before I reach the summit, I look at it and despair that it will never be finished cos there just seems so much left to do. Soon after, I crest the summit and from there it's a nice rapid glide down the other side! So the fact that I'm now feeling like this is reassuring because it means that the completion of the painting is not too far away! :~D

Hope you're still enjoying watching it grow.

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