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My first HBP art!

My Muse snuck up on me while I was sitting in the car waiting to pick up my son from Cadets at 10pm this evening! Resulting in this completely stream of consciousness sketch which pretty much drew itself. (the best kind!) I actually went armed to write - plot bunnies dancing round my head - but sat there with my journal open and pen ready, waiting for the words to flow for about 5mins, then closed it all, got out the visual diary I have with me at all times and away we went!

I'm really quite thrilled cos I was SO lagging behind all my fellow artists here on lj for getting some HBP art done. :~)

Crying in the bathroom...

I want to colour it now... but I have so much other work to do first! *whines*

ETA: In the bright light of day I realised how much this looks like __hibiscus's art of the same scene! And am really disappointed with myself/myMuse. I understand that with such tight scenes, concept art is bound to overlap but, nevertheless the 'remix' was unintentional. :~\
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