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And here I am with a couple more stages of the
the Boy Who Lived WIP...

First up, I apologise for the painting being on an angle in these photos but, because of the flash, every time I took a picture face-on the reflection off the oils made it impossible to see. :~P

Anyway...From now on it's all about working in the details; getting as much light and shade into the figures as we can to give them depth, and then waiting for that to dry so we can work over it more. (oils can get very muddy if overworked, hence the need to stop and let them dry before carrying on.) I probably should mention here (and probably should have done so earlier!), the only colours I'm using for the figures at the moment are Paynes Grey and White. I'll be glazing them with colour later.

Another day of drying time and more of the same.

You can see the faces are starting to really take shape now. :~)

More soon!
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