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Well, although 'watercolours' won the Poll, most of those who commented favoured oils, so that's what I decided to go ahead with.
I've also decided to post step-by-step photos for those of you who are interested in seeing how I work and watching this painting take shape.

First up - the blank canvas, pre-stretched and gessoed. 16"x20"

2- an overall coat of acrylic yellow ochre to seal it.

3- I enlarged the original sketch and redrew it (backwards) onto tracing paper, which I then used to offset the design onto the canvas. (I'll be using this regularly through the various stages of the painting)

I tried Dumbledore's hat without the brim (to hopefully avoid the 'Gandalf' look, but now he looks too much like Santa! So the brim will be back! ;~)

Have the background painted. :~) That's flare from the flash down the bottom lefthand corner - one of the drawbacks with oils; their glossiness. But, damn they are delicious to work with!

Now I have to wait for that to dry before starting on the figures (another reason why Illustrators don't often use oils - the drying time). I used plenty of liquin (a medium that is mixed with the paint as you go and accelerates the drying time considerably) with it, so I'm hoping I'll only have to wait till tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Stay tuned for more. ;~)
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