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I told you so!
18th-Apr-2004 12:43 pm
Owl totem
No fecking Yoda or Dumbledore for me THIS time! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

:: how jedi are you? ::
21st-Apr-2004 05:18 pm (UTC) - OT stuff- want to contribute your art to a letter to JKR?
Hi there. Man has it been hard to contact you! I'm organizing a letter to JKR over at the sugarquill. It's going to include various SQ artists work for decoration and there've been a bunch of requests for you to be included. Basically what I'd be doing is printing out some of your works (if you like you can request ones to be included, I've been looking at them myself) and interspersing them between messages from SQers. It'll look better than it sounds ^_^. Anyway, I couldn't find an email address anywhere and I didn't know where to contact you, so if you see this message you can PM me at SQ (My screenname's sveltskye) or email me at sveltskye48@hotmail.com. There's also a thread at Seen and Unforeseen in the SQ forums for this. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)

~Annie or sveltskye, whatever you want to call me.

Oh, and btw, I have no idea how this LJ thing works, so hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong ^_^
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