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I told you so!
I'm a hopeless case... 
7th-Apr-2004 01:19 pm
Owl totem

Onto more fangirlish things-

Remember that bit of writing I mentioned a couple of posts back? 

It’s now up at Checkmated for those of you who might be interested.



My first HP fanfic.  Not sure whether I should feel ashamed of myself or not…

19th-Apr-2004 11:31 am (UTC)
One of our Aussie papers just described HP as a modern Prozac; personally I think fanfiction in general could be given that label.
That is so true... It's the ultimate escapism from real-life stress. :)

I've already written 44pages of the next part (which is as yet untitled), so YES, I definately intend to finish the story. I got a bit bogged down with the 'Han recovery' scene. I have rewritten it several times. Maybe my Muse will let me look at it now and I'll finally get it right?

Oh, I'm really hoping it will unblock the Muse! And you already have 44 pages of the next part?! That is making me very hopeful... :) And curious - and worried. What are you planning for the Han recovery scene?!?

I reread parts of 'Family Matters' yesterday and it struck me how creepy Luke's dream of his son with Leia was. ::shudders at the incest scenario:: And now I'm obviously all worried. That wasn't some kind of premonition, was it?

Anyway, here's to hoping that your Muse will return soon! :)
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