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I told you so!
I'm a hopeless case... 
7th-Apr-2004 01:19 pm
Owl totem

Onto more fangirlish things-

Remember that bit of writing I mentioned a couple of posts back? 

It’s now up at Checkmated for those of you who might be interested.



My first HP fanfic.  Not sure whether I should feel ashamed of myself or not…

9th-Apr-2004 12:20 am (UTC)
Ah Hi, I'm Ani, and I do this kinda wierd think over on http://artisticalley.org called "nifeling" basicly, I look for art I like then write a half page or so review of it and post a link to the art.

I would really like to review "It's a Girl" but I wanted to double check with you first, and if it's ok ask some questions.

All your art is amazing, but that one jsut really touched me. Probably because my mother has been a childbirth instructor all my life.

Thanks for your time
9th-Apr-2004 07:54 am (UTC)
Hi Ani! I'd be honoured to be 'niffled'. :~)
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