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for hpartremix

Remix of art by: lunulet
URL of original piece:
Rating: G
Characters: Harry, Ron, and Pig.
Notes: Lunulet, chosing one of your pieces to remix was sweet agony! So many choices, and I was really, really tempted to do one of your Trio pics! But then I decided that those were too perfect, and any sort of copy I did would look really horrible compared. It came down to a choice between the Sirius/Buckbeak one you did recently or this one. My kids picked this one! (when you can't decide, kids are ALWAYS happy to make the choice for you! XD) I really love this pic of yours, despite the fact that it's unfinished. It shows the comfort inherant in Harry and Ron's friendship, and Pig's expression is priceless. I love the idea that Ron is tickling/teasing him. I also thought it appropriate for them to be in their pyjamas; they look so comfy! ;~P
I just discovered, when looking for this on your website to link to, that you don't actually have it up there. So I hope you don't mind that I posted it to my photobucket account.

Tags: art, hp

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