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I told you so!
Full Moon 
5th-Apr-2004 04:10 pm
Owl totem
Couple of pics sketched last night. Was listening to Stephen Fry read the Chamber of Secrets last night and found myself sketching this - Nicely moody and sinister I thought. And an interesting response on my part, considering what I was listening to was mostly Harry. The other one was this sketch of Ron - I was attempting to draw the Ron I used to see in my head before Rupert Grint replaced him. Can’t quite decide what age he is here. Between 12 and 14 I guess. I thought he looked about 12 – which was the right age for CoS. (You’ll have to copy and paste the URLs as freewebs won’t direct link.) bugger that! edited to add images.
5th-Apr-2004 03:09 pm (UTC)
Wow. You know, your imagined Ron is real similar to my imagined Ron. *weird*. Like, I'd definitely say your drawing looks more like the Ron I imagined than the actor. (nothing against the actor, he was fine). Funny. Real nice drawings though. Those were really cool. I have to admit, the first one was totally creepy. But in a good way! :-)
5th-Apr-2004 09:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Yanks! :~)
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