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I told you so!
Weasley is my King 
8th-Apr-2005 03:39 pm
Owl totem
Art for the hp_art_xchange
The theme was 'Once upon a Time'.

8th-Apr-2005 12:31 am (UTC)
Ahhhh. . .YES! A verrah good one! Makes me feel all tingly. . .

But you know, I think I like the older Ron better. . .Plus, he had a tattoo. I'm such a sucker for tattoos on Ron. . .I think that's what got me. The tattoo. . .

Damn, but I'm so jealous of you!!!!


P.S. Do you read that story I write. . .A Hero's Return. I could send you the next chapter if you want it. I feel like I owe you something for giving me teh pretties to look at.
8th-Apr-2005 12:52 am (UTC)
I read everything you write!! Yes, please, send it. :~D

And, I'm a sucker for tattoos too. :~P Specially the sexy Celtic variety.
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