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more author pimping!

I know I am late with this but what the hell... ;~P what are deadlines on lj anyway? XD

Author Pimping #3
Fanfic Author Appreciation Week: You post a fave author for each day, March 6 through the 13. Tell why you picked them, give some links to their fic, say why you love them, their work, why they need more appreciation, and just wax poetic about your favorite authors for the entire week.

I first stumbled across fernwithy's fic at the old Star Wars FanFix site. I remember thinking her work was far too good to be archived there and think I said as much when I posted a review. ;~P
Despite the fact that I tended to keep to my little Han and Leia groups, I got to know her reasonably well as an author and mod at, and have always respected and thought very highly of her talent as a writer. So it was hardly surprising that when I first shifted gears into Harry Potter fandom, and wanted to check out some fanfic, the first one I read was one of hers.

FernWithy is a name you can TRUST! :~D Even if the story doesn't focus on your favourite character/s, you can be sure you will always get a really good story. Her characters are, without fail, canon and in character. She amazes me the way she can pick any character, no matter how minor, and create backgrounds and experiences for them that feel canon.

Father's Heart was probably my favourite of her SW stories and, without a doubt, so far, my favourite in her HP works is Lines of Descent . Although Of a Sort is bloody brilliant too!

Quite simply, I cannot reccomend her highly enough. :~)
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