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covers and coughing

Sick. As. A. Dog. :~(

the only thing keeping me going is codral.

Neverthless, I am excited by the release of the book covers for HBP.

I saw the Mary GrandPre one first and have to say I think it's my favourite of her covers so far. Though I really liked what she did for OotP. Someone on my flist said that she really needs to go back and redo the 1st 4 because the last two were a distinct change in style from the first 4, and I agree with this to some extent.

Then I saw the adult cover and meh I hate photo covers, so it did nothing for me.

Then I saw the UK cover and WOW. Talk about dynamic compared to the US one! I really, really like this one. Harry looks terrified but determined and Dumbledore is 'kicking ass and taking names!'. The fire surrounding them is from Dumbldore's wand, I suspect in response to another Voldie confrontation and, from what I have read on my flist, I am not the only one thinking that Dumbledore will be biting the big one this time round. Hero's journey and all that.

I really, REALLY want to see the back covers now! Specially the UK one.
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