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I told you so!
hem hem. my theory... 
26th-Mar-2004 06:08 pm
Owl totem
I have a new 20yr theory -
1954- Lord of the Rings was first published and gathered a worldwide following. 
1977 - Star Wars, and we know what happened there. 
1997 - Harry Potter.  Same core mythology. Same characters. Fulfills the same need as the last two and becomes insanely popular. 
Roughly 20yrs between each. Now, what do you suppose we can look forward to come c2017??
26th-Mar-2004 04:45 am (UTC)
Yes, I've noticed that too! I actually made an animated GIF icon of it: Frodo-The Ringbearer, Luke-the Jedi, Harry-The Wizard, and the last frame said Every Generation has its Hero. Good to know I'm not insane!
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