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I told you so!
Ha. God bless the internet. Just when it lulls you into a false… 
16th-Jan-2005 05:10 pm
Owl totem
Ha. God bless the internet. Just when it lulls you into a false sense of security that it is something you can rely on, it cuts you off, leaving you lost and flailing. Well, me anyway. :~P

And, pathetic nethead that I am, I have followed some of my flist and created an emergency backup . ;~P

And what did I achieve in those hours without LJ?? Well... I started washing down the walls in my kitchen! So YAY!

AND I think I have finally figured out how to load and work my ipod! (cos, you know, it never works like it does in the instructions or online tutorial *rolls eyes*) Go me! XD
17th-Jan-2005 06:01 am (UTC)
Mua ha ha haaa! I love my iPod too! I loved it four months before I finally bought it. I loved it so much, I had all my music in iTunes 8 months before I bought it. I love it so much I have all my pictures, anime movies and word documents backed up on it. I love it so much I'll be completely broke for the next year and a half buying groovy accessories for it.

Yes, I am a hopeless case.

And yes, next on the shopping list is an iBook with a tablet, but that's years away.
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