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Picture Heavy post

NEW ART! All of which is hard-copy art that I did especially for art2therescue and, along side work from many other brilliant artists, will be available to buy in the auctions that start tomorrow. Auctions in which every dollar earned will go to UNISEF to help those devestated by the tsunami.


Spread the word.

This was a reworking of the Harry you can sort of see in my icon (which is part of an illo done for mugglenet Wizard Cards). This time, instead of painting him digitally, he was rendered with Copic Markers, pastel and coloured pencil on watercolour paper.

This was linework I'd never finished so, encouraged by needing hard-copy art for the auction, I decided it was worth colouring. This was done entirely with Copics.

This picture was originally inspired by a Hunkwarts challenge (the Old West), but veered off topic all by itself. ;~P I started drawing them as Indians, but the minute I put the antlers on Prongs he became Cernunnos to me. So I couldn't make him anything other than a Celt! While I was finishing the pic it also occurred to me that his glasses could be made to give the impression of owl eyes. (any Dark is Rising readers while know what I'm referring to there. :~D)
That said, my favourite here is definately Sirius! XD

"Celtic Marauders" CLOSEUP.

But wait there's

These are all the original art, which you have seen before made up as Chapter Headers and such -
"the Very Secret Diary".

"Keeper and Seeker".

"Ron and Hermione".

"the Advance Guard".
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