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I have it! It's not due to come out here till the 1st, but I bought it in Safeway this afternoon. :~D
So the kids and I all watched it then they went to bed and I watched all the extras. Can I just say that the interviewer and the shrunken head SUCK? I mean seriously SUCK. Those 'funny' quips might be vaguely funny the first time (they weren't), but they certainly won't be on repeated viewings. Talk about aggravating - specially since it wasted so much time which might have been used for oh, I don't know, allowing the cast to ANSWER questions!! *angry face*

But, apart from that, I did enjoy it.

Will have to check out the sampler disc again; I'm pretty sure there was stuff on that which wasn't on the DVD.

And now it's nearly 1am, so I must go to bed! Got the men arriving at 8.30am to put in our AirCon!
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