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Small epiphany here.

fiendling just posted a pic in fiendart

that made me wonder what Harry's life would have been like had he been given to the Malfoys to raise. And I just realised that the Malfoys are the Wizard equivalent of the Dursleys! They hate Muggles with as much passion as the Durselys hate Wizards, they indulge their only son to ludicrous degrees, and I'm sure they are just as obsessed with appearances. (Wealth, posessions, what will the neighbours think and all that.)

Quite honestly, I think Harry would have been treated just as dreadfully by the Malfoys, even to the point of being relegated to a cupboard. The favouritism of one child over the other would definately have happened, and the SHAME of having to look after/bring up the Boy Who Lived... They'd never live it down, would they? They'd be desperate to hide him from all their Death Eater buddies.

Someone should write a fanfic about this!

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