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my first animation!

First off, I have to say how overwhelmed I was at the response to my Ron/Hermione 'bodice ripper' pic. Thankyou to everyone who commented! :~)

I'll admit, I did get a laugh when I saw Fiendling had posted it up in hp-daily as 'NOT WORKSAFE', specially after I had rated it M. ;~P Sorry about that; put it down to my relaxed Aussie attitude. My kids all saw the pic, but they're used to the stuff I draw, so maybe that gives me an unrealistic view of what's ok rating-wise.
In fact, I was deeply flattered that an illo which showed no 'naughty bits', so to speak, could be considered so erotic. XD

Anyway...moving on to the reason for this post -

I MADE MY FIRST ANIMATION!!!! *does superdooper happy dance*

It's from that little hp/sw spoof I did a while back, simply because I had the images there and it was an easy test piece. BUT... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! the gloves are off now! Animating art next! WHOO HOO!
Tags: animation, hp, icon, sw
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