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I told you so!
Christmas wallpaper! 
12th-Oct-2004 07:59 am
Owl totem
Inspired by Nasubionna's post here- http://www.livejournal.com/community/cafhp/15472.html?view=104560#t104560 and lamenting my own lack of Sirius art, I spent the afternoon and evening doing this -

Feeling vaguely guilty cos there were many other things I should have been doing, but wicked Muse flung the image into my head and I thought I'd just sketch it while it was there and... didn't think I would get quite as involved as I did. ;~P

But look! Xmas wallpaper. :~D Yay me. ;~P

Now it's 1am and STILL stinking HOT - this is October! In Melbourne! We should be lucky to get 24* not effing 34* or whatever uncivilised temperature it got to today. Just checked the online weather and it's currently 28*! At 1am!! *shakes fist impotently at sky*

Must go to bed; will suffer for this tomorrow...
12th-Oct-2004 10:12 pm (UTC)
I love you!!!

Ahem, sorry for the fangirl moment...

Sirius is one of my favorite characters so when JKR sent him behind the veil I cried... honestly, I'm such a sap. I did the same thing when they killed Chewie in one of the Star Wars: New Jedi Order books. Actually, I think I cried more for Chewie, but he's been such an integral part of my life for so long that I think it's allowed. *grin*

I love the coloring in Sirius' hair, and the hint of grey eyes. The hat sort of askew on his head, and the bottle of firewhiskey(?) or butterbeer in his hand... best of all, hands down though is the portrait of his mother with her eyes bugging out! Beautiful, beautiful piece. Thanks for staying up til the wee hours in the sweltering heat!

15th-Oct-2004 03:05 am (UTC)
I'll admit, I had Butterbeer in mind when I drew it but it really could be anything alcoholic. ;~) So glad you got a fangirl moment out of the pic! :~D
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