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I told you so!
My freewebs website has exceeded it's bandwidth! O.o And it's only… 
9th-Oct-2004 07:59 pm
Owl totem
My freewebs website has exceeded it's bandwidth! O.o

And it's only the 10th of the month! eeep!

I really need to pull my finger out and figure out how to make a real one (smiles sheepishly at crumbcake) Kids are back at school now; I have to knuckle down and DO this!
10th-Oct-2004 04:01 am (UTC)
You know, you should get your own domain and space. Or like, make a call on lj for a nice person to help out. It amazes me how many generous people there are on lj. When I was having site problems and needed some webspace with limitless bandwidth, about 5 people offered. If you want, I can make a post for you. :)
10th-Oct-2004 11:09 am (UTC)
Thats a good idea actually. I need to sit down and do that because I have some art that Photobucket and Deviant art won't allow. I wish I knew more about computers though. It seems like opening your own domain and space is the best for displaying artwork.
12th-Oct-2004 08:22 pm (UTC)
Well hello. Sorry to bother you but if you are looking for a way to find a better web space you could always check out t35.com they have unmetered bandwidth and space, or so they claim. They claim to have pop-ups although I, who does not have a pop-up blocker have not been bothered by pops on my site. Its free and so far has worked well for me. If you find that t35.com does not work for you, you can always look for a host that does meet your needs on http://www.webspace4free.biz I hope that you can find one that meets your needs.

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