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Been on a bit of a Moulin Rouge kick the last couple of weeks - playing the music lots etc. Tonight I sat down with the kids and watched Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. My 13yo had watched it with me some yrs ago and loved it, and I realised that the 2 younger ones had yet to be introduced to the joys of Shakespeare.

Honestly, showing your kids a good movie - and probably more importantly watching it with them - is almost like watching it for the first time yourself all over again. "Like a virgin" as they say. ;~)
There's this whole freshness and discovery thing going on.

Admittedly, my 8yo son didn't really pay attention in the middle section of the film, but he was rivited for the last half hour or 40 mins. And my 9yo daughter lapped it up like the cinema sponge she is.
But it really was dead-set awesome hearing them discuss what they thought would happen while they watched. They didn't think Romeo or Juliet would die - or maybe one of them would (probably Romeo cos he was Jack in Titanic and he died in that - don't you love their reasoning?! ;~) ). And of course Juliet was waking up and couldn't he see her?? Then the - OMG! He took the poison! Then the stunned silence from the both of them when Juliet killed herself.

The language of the film barely phased them - I really only had to translate a couple of times - which is testimony to well-acted Shakespeare IMO. Now my daughter wants to see a version of it set in the time period it was written for. :~D *rubs hands gleefully* More Shakespeare to come soon methinks! :~D
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