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they don't call us the 51st state for nothing!

Australia is having a National election on Saturday. Hubby and I were discussing our options for voting (he has to work on Sat) in the car this morning, on the way to dropping off our two youngest at school, when master 8 pipes up from the back seat - "Who are you voting for, Dad? Bush or the other guy?"
Ah, they don't call us the 51st state for nothing!
So after much spluttering and chuckling and explaining that we could not in fact vote for the US President, we asked him to name Australia's Prime Minister.
His response... "Um... George Washington?"
More cackles and cries of outrage from the front seat, whereupon master 8 hastily corrects himself - "Jay Leno!"
Needless to say, we knew by then that the case was hopeless.
"I'll give you a hint," says hubby. "He's a little man with glasses and his first name is John-"
"John Lennon!" pipes up master 8 enthusiastically.
"John Howard!" his sister butts in (9) triumphantly, thereby killing the chance of any more gems of wisdom from master 8.
Oh well, at least he knows the name of our PM now. :~P
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