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I told you so!
Just successfully ‘burned’ my first CD-ROM.   WHOO HOO!… 
14th-Mar-2004 09:05 pm
Owl totem

Just successfully ‘burned’ my first CD-ROM.  WHOO HOO!  Go me!  Folio printout here I come at last.  :~D

Yes, our computer-clever buddy came and installed a DVD burner last night.  *drools*  Heheheh.  So much scope for the imagination….  And, best of all, I’ll now be able to ‘save’ all those insanely large (200meg anyone?) art files.  Such a relief.  I cannot begin to describe how stressed and paranoid I have felt not being able to save them off.  The thought of being robbed and losing all my work…

But at least that’s not a problem anymore!  *grovels at feet of computer buddy*


My Mum is feeling a little better, thank goodness.  She was vomiting continuously till Friday morning, but they finally got her stabilised and she’s home again.  Still not feeling great, but much better than she was at least.


Wicked Muse is bombarding me with images of swim-suited Hogwarts students.  A little thing which glockgal alerted me to.


Itching to draw…

(Deleted comment)
15th-Mar-2004 05:09 pm (UTC)
Woah, thanks! :~D
freewebs not allowing direct linking is not something I'd thought of! DOH! Well at least I know it wasn't something I was doing wrong!

Thanks for your comments too!
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