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I told you so!
4th-Oct-2004 01:28 pm
Owl totem
I've decided I need a "Hall of Fame" thread like Mugglenet has. For those priceless reviews.(like the one I got yesterday.) There are some, where I'm sure they're just taking the piss so to speak. Then there are those that are simply incomprehensible and just leave me giggling and bewildered. These are the ones too precious not to share...

Here is today's offering - the pic being reviewed was the B&W cover of the Quibbler (Harry). (See HP section of website)

I have to say that this picture reminds me of myself before i became a woman. i find him compleyly off the heazy! so fa shizzle his fo bizzel andand keep drawing in that mysterious way! you have such talent at creating a picture both men and women find brethtaking!
-Kiki Chimichaunga

I confidently respond - "What the-?" ;~)

link to yesterday's - http://www.livejournal.com/users/leelastarsky/31513.html
4th-Oct-2004 05:13 am (UTC)
He? She? Whatever. It's a favourable review. You don't have to understand it more than that.
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