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OMG it's full of STARS!


kaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I just watched the new Ep4 DVD......

Why is Luke's lightsabre GREEN on the Falcon??? It wasn't green in ObiWan's hut - I checked - it was still blue. Why'd it suddenly turn green on the Falcon?? *is bewildered*

Han and Greedo. *heavy sigh* Well, I think you all know my feelings on this. Stupid, dumb, unnecessary change. In the original version, Han shot Greedo under the table. It was cool cos Greedo was stupid for letting Han get his hands below the table - we all knew that, and it was FUNNY. Like Indy pulling out a gun and shooting the sword-master in Raiders is FUNNY.

Now it's not. And it looks awkward. Not as awkward and jumpy as it did when they changed it to Greedo shoots first, but still. I dunno...

And the Jabba scene still doesn't work for me. Jabba doesn't stick out like a sore thumb quite as much as he did in the SpEd, but... to quote my kids who sat and watched it with me tonight - he doesn't look like he's there. (and they are vicious critics when it comes to SFX, I can tell you! The two youngest laughed themselves sick over the chestburster scene in ALIEN) This is a Han scene - I want to like it, cos any extra Han has got to be good, right? But I can't deny it slows the film down. I can understand why it was originally cut.

I have to tell you, it was interesting watching it with my kids, who are sort of more familiar with the prequel films. When ObiWan spouts his 'story' about Vader to Luke the kids were all, "But Vader is his father, isn't he?" "Why is Ben lying?" And then there's that super-sinister look that Ben gives Vader, just before he sacrifices himself, that always makes me want to wack him. Manipulative SOB....

Got to watch it with the commentary now. Really looking forward to hearing what Carrie has to say.

Spent a lot of the film lamenting Hamill's loss of his nose. Damn he had a nice nose! In fact his whole face was rather lovely (as my 14yo self was well aware back in '77!), but he really did have a lovely shaped nose. :~(
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