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I told you so!
Just come from glockgal's discussion about our artistic neuroses… 
2nd-Oct-2004 02:30 pm
Owl totem
Just come from glockgal's discussion about our artistic neuroses http://www.livejournal.com/users/glockgal/193409.html
and saw that my "Daddy's Girl" pic had gone up at the Sugarquill. Had to share this most EXCELLENT review with you all-

I personally disigree with this disgusting display of art. I mean thkis is ABSOLUTLY ridiculous! The "older Ginny" is WAY overexposed by the cleavage showing tanktop! This is a disgusting innaproproate picture that should be reported to the (DODIDA)...(pronoundced doidauh)department of innapropriate displays of art. I am now done and hope that next time...ginny is not wearing a pushup bra.
Ophelia Quarnerdary


*mutters* pushup bra my arse. Obviously the reviewer has never breastfed a baby. *rolls eyes* And wtf is this 'dildo' dept.??? *sniggers*
2nd-Oct-2004 09:00 am (UTC)
To my way of thinking, it seems unconscionable for someone who sees such a clearly intimate moment among a father, mother and child and whose attention is drawn away by the clothing the mother is wearing. Did this reviewer have ANYTHING to say about the tone of the piece, the absolutely glowing expression on the father's face as he lights up in delight upon bouncing his little one on his knee? Did this person comment at all on the kindness and love spilling from the mother's eyes? Was there any notice at all taken by the setting, the lovely, homey aspects of the cottage, the trees and sky outside? Apparently not. The only thing that garnered that reviewer's attention was the top the mother was wearing.

I have never read any Harry Potter books, nor seen the movies, nor do I intend to. But how someone could look at the beauty in that drawing and not see any of it at all is beyond me. It bespeaks a very narrow mind indeed.

2nd-Oct-2004 09:20 am (UTC)
What I reproduced above was the entirity of the review. :~P
2nd-Oct-2004 07:19 pm (UTC)
Your picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

And look at this:

department of innapropriate displays of art

That is spelled wrong and I don't find anything like this on google.

Your search - "department of inappropriate displays of art" - did not match any documents.


- Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
- Try different keywords.
- Try more general keywords.

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