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I told you so!
Just come from glockgal's discussion about our artistic neuroses… 
2nd-Oct-2004 02:30 pm
Owl totem
Just come from glockgal's discussion about our artistic neuroses http://www.livejournal.com/users/glockgal/193409.html
and saw that my "Daddy's Girl" pic had gone up at the Sugarquill. Had to share this most EXCELLENT review with you all-

I personally disigree with this disgusting display of art. I mean thkis is ABSOLUTLY ridiculous! The "older Ginny" is WAY overexposed by the cleavage showing tanktop! This is a disgusting innaproproate picture that should be reported to the (DODIDA)...(pronoundced doidauh)department of innapropriate displays of art. I am now done and hope that next time...ginny is not wearing a pushup bra.
Ophelia Quarnerdary


*mutters* pushup bra my arse. Obviously the reviewer has never breastfed a baby. *rolls eyes* And wtf is this 'dildo' dept.??? *sniggers*
2nd-Oct-2004 02:37 am (UTC)
Still, it was nice of them to tell us how to pronounce it!

When my milk first came in I tried to get everyone to poke my breasts - and feel how hard they were!!!

And a breastfeeding motehr should wear a polo neck that goes right down to her knees - don't show anything, and don't have easy feeing access, right!!

I second the nursing baby and Harry picture!!!
4th-Oct-2004 10:26 pm (UTC)
heeeeeeeeeee! my Muse just flung a major major plot-bunny for this at me! Now I just have to translate the visual from my brain and onto paper...
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