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I told you so!
Just come from glockgal's discussion about our artistic neuroses… 
2nd-Oct-2004 02:30 pm
Owl totem
Just come from glockgal's discussion about our artistic neuroses http://www.livejournal.com/users/glockgal/193409.html
and saw that my "Daddy's Girl" pic had gone up at the Sugarquill. Had to share this most EXCELLENT review with you all-

I personally disigree with this disgusting display of art. I mean thkis is ABSOLUTLY ridiculous! The "older Ginny" is WAY overexposed by the cleavage showing tanktop! This is a disgusting innaproproate picture that should be reported to the (DODIDA)...(pronoundced doidauh)department of innapropriate displays of art. I am now done and hope that next time...ginny is not wearing a pushup bra.
Ophelia Quarnerdary


*mutters* pushup bra my arse. Obviously the reviewer has never breastfed a baby. *rolls eyes* And wtf is this 'dildo' dept.??? *sniggers*
1st-Oct-2004 10:02 pm (UTC)
This . . . this is a joke right?

No? *headsdesk*
Oh god, cleavege! God forbid a woman should look the elast bit sexual EVER because don't you know why are all chaste keepers of morality with no sex drives what so ever.

And it's not like you piece was even about sex. I thought it was you know, love, couplhood, sharing a sweet moment etc. How does cleavage, a natural occuring phenomenon when most woman lean over, hurt any of this?

If I had money, right now I would commission you to draw a picture of Ginny breastfeeding, on the condition that the breasts were not covered at all by anything other than the baby -_-
1st-Oct-2004 10:24 pm (UTC)
*giggles* Or maybe, if I wanted to be REALLY wicked, I could put the baby on one tit and Harry on the other?! *evil grin*
1st-Oct-2004 10:31 pm (UTC)
Ha! That would be great!

By the way I googled that DODIA thingy (whatever those letters are) and the only thing of interest that came up was a page about woman seeking woman in Moracco . . .

There was a DODIDA.com but it seem sot be down.
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