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I told you so!
*does happy dance* I did it!!! I did it!! The trick is not… 
26th-Sep-2004 09:04 pm
Owl totem

*does happy dance* I did it!!! I did it!! The trick is not to use 'rich text' mode. Which means I have to write all the html myself... 0.o

26th-Sep-2004 12:04 pm (UTC)
My first instinct was to just post "Too beautiful for words", and then the words came.

The details in this are amazing. Harry looks incredibly happy, and it pulls at the heart. The baby looks so realistic, which I know is an accomplishment because they have different proportions and are just that much harder to capture in a drawing. Even the fingernails are amazing.

Sadly, I couldn't find the story you said this is illustrating on PhoenixSong, but the picture already tells a story of its own. I can just hear Harry singing to her.
26th-Sep-2004 08:06 pm (UTC)
He's singing the 'Lonely Goatherd' from Sound of Music if that helps. ;~D All that yodelling - bound to cheer up a grumpy baby. :~D
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