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I told you so!
Daddy's Girl 
25th-Sep-2004 04:38 pm
Owl totem

new pics


<lj-cut text="Daddys Girl">

Sorry about the lack of LJ cut. I don't know why it isn't working. As far as I can tell the html is correct. *contemplates simply deleting post for the 3rd time* I had several pics to post but that doesn't seem to be an option at the moment.

I meant to mention - it was commissioned for a fanfic ("Daddy's Girl") by Drie, which can be found at Phoenixsong.net
In it Harry and Ginny have a baby and are both about 18. Harry is singing and dancing with the baby, hence the kind of goofy look on his face. ;~)
25th-Sep-2004 02:15 am (UTC)
That's weird. Sorry I didn't comment on the art before, I actually do like it quite a bit. It looks uncannily like Danrad...he would totally make a face like that. heh. it's very lovely. :]
25th-Sep-2004 08:49 am (UTC)
Well as Dan is exactly how I imagined Harry, I find it very hard to make Harry look not like him. :~P Glad you liked it though. :~)
31st-May-2006 03:27 am (UTC)
Trolling through your old artwork and noticed your difficulties. There's supposed to be a space between the word 'text' and the equals sign to make the cut work properly.
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