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I told you so!
9th-Apr-2011 05:40 pm
"Dear friends of the Earth Observatory,

As you may know, the U.S. government is facing a shutdown due to the
end of funding. As a result, the Earth Observatory site will not be
updated for the duration of that shutdown (and may not be available at
all) which may begin tomorrow, Saturday April 9.

We hope that there will be a quick resolution to this crisis and we
thank you for your continued patronage."


No, seriously, wtf guys?  Is this GOP/tea party shit?
9th-Apr-2011 02:34 pm (UTC)
It's on both parties. Nobody understands "negotiations" and both parties have spent pretty much out of control.

The Conservatives spent insanely on the war, and then the Dems got to power and ignored that we'd spent insanely on the war, didn't stop the war, and tried to fix corrupt domestic programs by dumping money into them which works about as well these days as giving aid to corrupt third world nations in terms if the needed items actually getting to the poor and doing good (oh look another several 100,000 has gone missing!).

Then "We stole the Tea Party name but really have nothing to do with the platform of that movement and are in fact the conservatives you voted out re-branded" conservatives got re-elected and started trying to "save" the budget they destroyed by doing shit like trying to shut down planned parenthood and public broadcasting and other such things.

And then both "Re-branded stupid Neo-Conservatives" and the "We don't understand what 'broke' means Democrats" refused to agree on a budget, as of last night (because this changes rapidly)we don't actually have the budget to run our own government(but lets start a third war sorry "military action") so they may have to shut down all "non-vital" spending (which one time included military pay, though I think they've changed that).

Congress of course is still "vital" so they get paid.

So yeah, I'd honestly put it in both parties laps, but IMHO with most of it being on the Bush Administration who started the pointless war in Iraq and gave tax cuts to the rich then on CEO's who acted unethically and caused the 2008 economic recession, which is also what really hurt us then on democrats who I just feel like focused on the wrong issues at the wrong time (health care important yes, but that's literally all they focused on in 2009 while our economy crumbled and you can't provide healthcare for anyone IF YOU ARE BROKE). So that let the situation get to this point, and then Fake Tea Party people come in and blame liberal spending, which is bullshit.

Sorry this all make me ranty ^^

But anyway, that's why Nasa would have to shut the website down for a bit. Because the money isn't there for the servers.

I posted a list of affected and non affected things, but it may no longer be current, but it sorta gives an idea of what we're looking at.

ETA: If the above comment about reaching a solution is true, than non of this should happen. However the stupidity and childishness that lead to it still remains.
So grrrr

Edited at 2011-04-09 02:35 pm (UTC)
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