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I told you so!
Wild Rainbows 
12th-Nov-2010 09:27 pm
budgie as totem
Wednesday morning, I was woken at about 5.30am by the Dawn Chorus. I heard the rainbows launch from their nightly roost and fly over our house in one giant, joyous flock. Then, just before they were out of earshot, the flock turned and swung back over the other side of our house.  They do this morning and night, and it fills me with so much happy hearing and seeing this! I can't tell you how lucky I feel. :~) 

It's what inspired my very first sketch for the EMG sketchfest, cos that was what was going on right outside my window!
That sketch is now a WIP painting!  (almost finished!!)

Then last night I managed to catch a bit of the evening version, and wanted to share...
13th-Nov-2010 07:15 am (UTC)
We have starlings too. In fact the pair that used to nest in our verandah had to find somewhere else this spring, cos I closed off their access BEFORE they had babies this yr. So they moved into our neighbour's roof! X~P The babies have just fleged, and now the whole family (of starlings) comes over to eat our ducks' food! And cusses at our cat if she's out, for having the temerity to block their way to the food! The ducks try to chace them off too, but they ignore them! Wicked starlings. But I can't help but love them too. Have you seen the talking starlings on youtube? Mindboggling the intelligence of these creatures!
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