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I told you so!
another new pic 
10th-Sep-2004 11:55 am
Owl totem

for a fic by rhoswen_rosier

Rendered with Copic Markers and gouache.


14th-Sep-2004 08:36 am (UTC)
Oh dear. *stares* Your art is so breathtaking, I just. Wow. Is this all natural media? I read up in the comments that you used gouache for the highlights. The amount of detail is staggerring, omg. I adore the folds in their clothes, particularly the skirt. You always draw beautifully intricate hair, and this piece is no exception. Especially Luna's, frizzy wispiness of it makes me LOVE. :D And what a gorgeous design for torches!

Amazing, through and through. I linked to your site on my webpage, btw. Hope you don't mind. :)
14th-Sep-2004 04:44 pm (UTC)
G'day, lizardspots! I'd be honoured to be linked from your site! :~D
As for the media this pic was done with - Copic Markers. Which are fancy (otherwise known as expen$ive) artist markers. I love them because it's like painting with watercolour, but without the mess. Plus they are permanent. You can get refills for all the colours and there is a 'colourless blender', which I find invaluable.
The gouache I use simply for finishing highlights.
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