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I told you so!
another new pic 
10th-Sep-2004 11:55 am
Owl totem

for a fic by rhoswen_rosier

Rendered with Copic Markers and gouache.


11th-Sep-2004 09:01 am (UTC)
Holy illustration that should be printed and put in, like a Harry Potter RPG Adventure handbook or something. It's so lovely and you took into account so much. I LOVE the variations of forground, middleground and background; it adds so much depth!

Those gorgeous pillars with the dragons curled around them look so real, like. This looks like a screencap from a movie or someting. The grimness of the girls is so mournful and the grey wash totally accentuates that. Poor Luna! The snow looks so textured and...snowy. Wah.
11th-Sep-2004 09:24 am (UTC)
Thanks! I was actually surprised (and happy) at how 'snowy' the snow ended up looking.
Don't you wish they'd publish a book of fanart? I reckon it would sell surprisingly well!
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