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Art and Inspiration.

Got some painting done today, which always happies me, but I was doubly exicted when the inspiriation for said painting came and sat outside the window!

This is the painted version of a piece I started at the first EMG sketchfest I got to participate in.

What it looked like when I downed tools tonight.

And here's some better pix of the subjects -

with flash

and without-

This pair have been visiting us several times a day for over a year now.  It went down to one bird only recently, and I was a tad concerned, but then they brought their BABY with them last week.  *glee*  Baby wasn't with them today, which was a bit worrying, but I have to assume all is well there!

Off camera, waiting patiently for the rainbows to finish at the bowls (or else the rainbows will open a can of wup-ass on them!), a couple of crested pigeons. 

I love these guys, they are SO cute! 

Finished a piece recently that was also a sketch from the first sketchfest (prints etc available at zazzle!)-

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