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I told you so!
Emmy loves Ben. 
4th-Jun-2010 10:12 pm
After shrieking at him for almost a year now, out of the blue, Ember has decided that Ben is no longer a threat. :)
♥ ♥ ♥
Also a little bit of Evie and Lilly the Quakers.

4th-Jun-2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
They say sun conures are macaws in miniature; they certainly act like it. Emmy is afraid of SO many things, and shrieks (to warn the rest of the flock) accordingly. If the thing she regards as a threat (person, cat, dog, whatever) won't leave, she attacks it! All 5" of her!

Ben has been at the receiving end of her outrage for nearly a year and, as a result, didn't like her at all. The morning I took this video, she landed on him, and I rushed to distract her and get her off before she launched an attack. But instead of attacking...she did what you see in the video. Which is Emmy's way of saying "I love you!" and why Ben looked so bewildered and delighted. ♥
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