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I told you so!
Once Upon a Time, there was a little, green Quaker parrot... 
4th-Jun-2010 05:04 pm
Evie cartoon
...who was beautifully handreared before his new family bought him from the breeder (for a lot of money!) and they named him, Sam.

They must have liked him and wanted him, but not understood the ways of parrots.  When he bit their child, they stopped getting him out of his cage.  His screams of frustration and loneliness saw him renamed, SammyShithead, moved out of the family house and relegated to the garage, where he was given food (seed only) and/or water when somebody thought of it. A sad way to spend the first year of Life.

When angelicvampyre rescued him, there was no food or water in his cage, (which was no more than a cat/dog carry cage, No perches, no toys.) and the owners couldn't remember when he'd last been fed.  Severely malnourished, the avian vet did not have high hopes for his survival, and one of the tests showed that the poor little parrot had Psittacosis.

So followed a regimin of doxycycline and F10 (birdsafe antiseptic) for 45days (not to mention the rigmarole of quarantine that angelicvampyre had to go through) then more tests and finally a clean bill of health!  As well as exercises to strengthen his feet so he could relearn how to perch!  She also renamed him - first Lorne, but that didn't seem to fit, so he became GreenBean.

I had taken the time to meet the GreenBean during his quarantine, and decided that he and Evie needed each other.  They were virtually the same age and Evie, who has been besotted with Emmy the sun conure since her arrival, wanting to be BFF but constantly rejected by the 'golden girl,' needed the distraction.  So we took Evie over to see if they could tolerate each other...

And so the GreenBean came home with us.  :)

By that evening, Evie was preening the GreenBean and he was loving it! Something she has been trying to do with Ember for almost a year!

Then we had to find a name for the GreenBean! Even though GreenBean was a perfectly acceptible name, and he still gets that often, but we wanted a name rather than a description.  ;~)
It took a few weeks, which is a long time for us!  Plus we didn't know for sure if he was a boy or a girl!  As I got to know him better, (and saw how 'he' made the same sort of sexual advances as Evie) I was more and more convinced he was a girl.  Uncertain, I decided that Jack would be a suitable name.  Would suit a boy or a girl, and GreenMan/Jack sort of fitted, you know?  Then youngest son suggested "Lilly" and I knew it was perfect.  Don't ask me how or why, it just was!

So here she is!  Our little "Lilly of the Valley," "Lily of the green eyes" (Harry Potter,) "LillyBean."

And also  angelicvampyre's grandmother's name, so she was happy too!  :~D

4th-Jun-2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
Congratulations, she seems really cute!

We used to have a parrot when I was a child - an Amazonian green one with a yellow patch on the head, called Nora. She was fab, and we used to have lots of fun. She was particularly close to my mum and used to climb onto her desk when she was working, so she could play with the pen as my mum was trying to write. She used to have breakfast with us at the weekend, sitting behind me on my chair, eating toast with jam and drinking tea from a spoon (probably not very healthy for her, I know...).

Sadly her own intelligence meant that eventually we couldn't keep her. We got a dog and she got really jealous and because of that, really quite vicious and bad-tempered. She'd just been so attached to us she knew things were different when the puppy came into the house and she refused to accept the intruder. Used to have huge screaming matches with the dog, and eventually she attacked me and nearly got my eye. I never blamed her, particularly, because I had teased her a bit beforehand, when she'd wanted to be left alone, but that was when my dad decided she had to go.

I think, retrospectively it was the right thing, because we knew a family who really wanted a parrot, and Nora immediately connected with the son and got very attached to him. Last thing I heard a few years ago is that he took her with him when he moved away to go to university.

So yeah, I've always liked parrots - they are amazing creatures. :-)
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