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I told you so!
3rd and final birdie post! 
8th-Feb-2010 11:33 am
Evie cartoon
Evie is 1yo now and SO smart.  She would be quite a talker, I'm sure, but her idol is Emmy, so all her energies are directed towards immitating Emmy.  She does however say "Hello" and is starting to say "good girl!"  She desperately wants to be BFFs with Emmy, but Emmy doesn't want a bar of her.  :~(   So any time Evie is out of her cage is spent following Emmy around, trying to preen Emmy, and copying whatever Emmy does.  If we have her out without Emmy, she spends all her time on Emmy's cage following Emmy or, if Emmy's not in the cage, looking for Emmy.  So, now that Emmy can have a fly in the mornings with the budgies and tiels, I'm working on Evie having more time out alone.  Specially if Emmy is out of the room on fanboyhubby.

I call Evie our little blue dinosaur, not just because she sounds like one, but because she reminds me so much of the velociraptors in Jurassic Park!   She has never had her wings clipped, so is the best flier.  (Buffy and Luna have never been clipped either, but they are nowhere near as fast as Evie.)  She dips and darts, flies high or an inch above the ground, whatever takes her fancy!  And amazingly fast.  Which is why I cannot let her out with the smaller birds.  Cos, she would catch them!  And she has bitten 3.  Lisa landed on Evie's cage and got a toe broken in seconds, Joey landed on Evie's cage - below the cover we put over her cage when the others are out - and had his already mangled (by Emmy when they shared a cage before they lived with us) foot mangled a bit more before we could get to him.  And then she bit Pippin.  I had never heard a budgie cry, but I have now.  :~(  It was horrible.  Fortunately, Pippin recovered, but we have learned to be ever vigilant.

If we put her cage next to the budgies or tiels, there has to be a gap.  If the cages are close enough for a budgie or tiel tail to poke through into hers, she watches, waits, then grabs the tail and doesn't let go!  And Evie's beak is different to Ember's.  Ember has a blunt, crushing beak. Powerful, and hurts like hell when she bites hard, but doesn't usually draw blood. Evie's, on the other hand, is a sharp, cutting beak.  Which is why she is able to inflict so much damage so quickly. Thankfully she doesn't bite us!  She sometimes gets a bit threatening around the boys, but we are working on that.

She adores Annie, and misses her terribly if she goes away on camp etc. and is the sweetest cuddler when she's in the mood.  But, unlike Ember, who is content to cuddle for hours at a time, Evie wants brain stimulation.  She lovelovelove LOVES to be played with.  Peek-a-boo and where's Evie are her favourite games at the moment.  I have a video I wanted to post as well, but as we're about to be Shaped (cut to dail-up) till the 15th, I can't afford the upload.  So I'll post it later.  ;~)

8th-Feb-2010 06:49 am (UTC)
Oh, that's really scary about the biting! I'm so glad Pippin is okay!! I do think she's so pretty.

And omigosh - I hope your inbox isn't full of e-mails - I am finished moving my stuff over. *facepalm*
8th-Feb-2010 07:54 am (UTC)
Don't worry about it! I've had a lovely time looking at ponds and stuff!! And getting all enthused and imaginitive about landscaping!! XD

Poor little Pippin; I couldn't believe it when it happened. One minute Evie was on Annie, and the next... We even had the budgies covered to protect them, but Pippin found a crack in the cover and was SO desperate to see his Annie (who had just come back from camping with school.) He was clinging to the side of the cage closest to his Annie, and Evie, before we even realised she'd left Annie, had bitten Pippin's foot. I expected to see his foot hanging off, but luckily she got him mostly between the toes. So much blood...and the noise he made... D~: Every time we'd get the bleeding to stop, he'd pick at it and it would start bleeding again! We had him sitting in almost 1/4" of cornflour by the end. (it stops the bleeding) Which probably wasn't good for his lungs, but better than bleeding to death! I've since learned that SPIDERWEB is the most excellent blood-stopper, and that the birds don't like the feel of it so they don't pick. Thankfully, I haven't had the chance to test it!
9th-Feb-2010 01:16 am (UTC)
*grin* The pond tour was awesome fun! LOL - yeah, it filled my head up with new ideas. :DD

Spiderweb!!! Hmm - I'll have to remember that! I'm thinking it might be difficult to find during an emergency, so maybe it's a good idea to collect some and keep it handly in a small box or something. And hopefully never need it!
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