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part 2 of Sooooper Indulgent Birdie post!

Budgies and 'tiels, oh my....!

Why, yes, the lounge is full of birdie houses. You're surprised?

Spike turned 2 at the start of February.  Happy Birthday Spike!

This is actually 2 photos taken one after the other, and me not realising what I'd caught until seeing them on the comp. So I joined them in the middle.  It's Spike Luna-gazing - his favourite pasttime.  Look at the adoration on his face! 

Little Luna, who still desperately wants babies.

Luna eating her spinach YUMMY!


When daughter came back from camp just before xmas, Pippin was desperately trying to get close to her from inside his cage. Evie, the quaker, was out crawling on Annie, but had bitten Pippin's foot before we could blink.  It was a traumatic time for all of us.  Blood everywhere, Luna and Pippin separated for the first time ever, and of course a vet visit.  Fortunately, Pippin is fine now, though he did lose a toenail.

But he is overweight!  So his food is being strictly monitored.  ;~P

Pigwidgeon is not afraid of the camera any more!  :~D

I love the heart-shaped budgie beak!!
Pig, with his BFF JoeJoe in the background.  Despite his age and infirmaties (or perhaps because of his age and 'grumpy old man' ways!), Joey is head budgie in the budgie house now! 

JoeyJoeJoeJunior Shabadu!

Sir Nicholas deMimsy Porpington, enjoying the sunshine. 

Sir Nick out with Belle.  Sir Nick learned very quickly what 'go home' means, and now flies happily with the rest of the flock, then goes home when told to.  He'd much rather put himself back in his cage than be handled thankyou very much!

Belle flying.  :~)

Lovely Lisa, our 11yo cockatiel.

Looking like a bit of a grumpy old lady in this photo, but she really isn't.

I have decided, however, that she is somewhat sight impared.  Whether that's because she is lutino and has red eyes, or there was inbreeding in her past, I don't know.  I do know that a lot of her apparent clumsiness, which we'd originally put down to old age and stiffness, is because of her vision problems.  She just doesn't see things as well as the other 'tiels.  That includes landing spots; Lisa will do 5 laps of the room to Spike and Buffy's one or 2 in an attempt to line herself up with her landing approach.  She doesn't see food in your hand unless you wave it around in front of her until she sees.

But she utterly adores cuddles and tickles.

And at least has stopped laying eggs for the moment!

I had to include this photo cos it was so cute!  Lisa being a unicorn! 
(this crest feather fell out (moulted) shortly after the photo was taken.)


Fluffy Buffy!

I see you! 


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