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part one of a Soooooper Indulgent Birdie post...

Yes, it's time for another birdie post!

First up, we have Ember, who is being so good she gets to come out for a fly with the 'tiels and the budgies in the mornings now.  Fully supervised of course!  She is being very good about not chewing my tops/dresses too!  She understands what 'no chewing' means.  Sometimes of course, the joy just gets too much and she can't help herself.  But I've found that as long as I have a nappy or tea-towel to hand to sling over my shoulder, she knows she's allowed to chew that instead!  :~D

This is what Emmy does whenever someone she loves speaks to or pays any sort of attention to her.  She sort of wraps her hand around her face and vibrates.  I think it is like the kneading cats do when they're really happy.  Like thumbsucking!  ;~)

Emmy on the cage with the budgies, looking out the window.

Emmy eating her vegies and looking very smug!

Again with the 'thumbsucking.'

...follwed by head-bobbing...

...then sometimes the joy of "OMG they LOVE me, they really,really LOVE me!!" just gets too great and the head bob turns into an upsidedown version.  XD

Here she is being cute, burrowing into my bedclothes.  Emmy loves snuggling.  It is her favourite thing in the WHOLE world!

She has fallen madly in love with fanboyhubby, which has him (and me!) delighted.  She'll happily sit with him for hours (watching tv or on the comp), cuddling him and preening his beard.  I think he might be surpassing me as Emmy's favourite person!  (no, I'm not jealous! I have a lot of other birdies who were feeling neglected!)  And it is delightfully weird to see her from a distance, as she's usually never off me!

She is sooooooooooooooooo pretty! ♥   

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