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I told you so!
from Ildi and various fanartists 
16th-Aug-2004 01:50 pm
Owl totem
Maly's drawing-tastic art survey
What is your favorite subject to draw?people
What is your most common choice in 2-d media?for rendering? Probably Copic Markers
Anything you refuse to draw?not yet
Real anatomy or cartoon physics?realistic. I can do the caricature sort of stuff, but it doesn't come naturally so to speak.
Which is more important - solid inking skills or solid color theory?for me it would probably be colour
Photoshop or PSP? Illustrator or Painter?Photoshop and Illustrator
Markers - Prismacolor or Tria?Copic! Although I do have a few Tria for those nice extra fine nibs. But they are a cow to get the lid off!
Paints - oils, acrylics, or watercolors?Painting with oils is orgasmic, but time consuming. Acrylics is relatively practical. Watercolour is nice, but limited. It all depends on the look you're going for. I love mixed media myself!
Have you ever done a stippling project outside of art class?stippling? The only stipples I ever used was while working in the Print trade...
Ever imitate a popular style of art? (anime, disney, comic book...)Drew Struzan
How would you define your "style?"Realistic
What is one area of drawing that you need to improve in?All of it. Hopefully I'll always be improving.
When did you start drawing as a hobby? (we all drew when we were little)As soon as I could hold a pencil. I was drawing comics for myself at 12.
What kind of sketchbook do you have? Brand? Size? How old is it?Canson Visual Diary. A4 and I have an A5 that goes EVERYWHERE with me. Just in case. ;~)
How many sketchbooks have you had previous to this?Um. Lots.
How many sketchbooks do you go through in a year?100pgs A4, maybe 2? Plus 1-2 A5s
#2 yellow pencil or a clicky pencil?mechanical pencil
What kind of eraser do you use?the good white sort.
Who are your artistic influences?Oh god. ALl of them to some degree. I love Leonardo Da Vinci. Drew Struzan would be one I'm definately fannish about. Norman Rockwell. I love Alex Ross's stuff too.
What books would you reccomend to aspiring artists?Um... Find what you like and run with it.
Do you have any favorite online tutorial sites?No. I have learned some invaluable stuff from fellow fanartists.
What is the most money you've ever made on one drawing / illustration / painting?$250 for a portrait oil painting
What do you hope to accomplish with your art? Do you want to go anywhere with it in life?Illustrator!
Finally, why do you draw?Because I love it, I need to, it soothes me, and it's easy.

15th-Aug-2004 10:16 pm (UTC)
You use copic markers! Awesome! I know of only a handleful of other artist's that use those in most picutres. do you use the normal ones or the sketch ones? I prefer the sketch ones myself.
15th-Aug-2004 11:26 pm (UTC)
I've never seen the sketch ones here. I think I'd have to go to a specialty art supplier to get them. I started my collection slowly and mostly buy refills now. I might have gone with the Trias if I'd seen them first, but they are a specialty shop job too. Plus the Trias are quite a bit more expensive than the Copics here, and the refills much more.
As I said, I have a few Trias for the ultra fine tip, but I'm very happy with the Copics. I especially love them for B&W work.

Do you use them a lot? I was tempted to get the 'airbrush' attachment to use with them, but got a Wacom instead and that provides any airbrush needs I might have. ;~)

I really enjoy working with the Copics. "It's a Girl" and "Kreacher's Christmas" were completely Copic.
I've also found them an excellent tool for doing colour roughs. :~)
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